Things Your Movers Want You To Know

Posted on: 9 May 2017

Want to make your upcoming move a lot easier? If you've hired movers to transport your belongings, there are things you can do to prepare your belongings and the boxes that will make the move go more smoothly. These are simple things that really don't add much more time to packing -- and they can reduce the actual moving time by a noticeable amount.

Please Separate Items With Different Destinations

If the movers are taking part of your belongings to a different location, like a storage unit, please try to separate those out before the movers get to your old place to pick up your stuff. It's possible but very complicated to direct the movers to grab this item for storage and that item for your new home. It's much easier to have two separate piles.

Use Every Space You Can

Even if your moving company is charging by weight and not by space in the truck, try to use every available bit of space you can. Spreading heavy items like books between several boxes is fine, but fill in the rest of the space in the box with linens, papers, pillows, and other items. The more boxes you have, the more work the movers have to do, and that can be cumbersome if the extra work is due to half-filled boxes.

You Can Never Use Too Much Tape

Seal your boxes with tape. Lots of tape. Especially on the bottom of the box. You can't use too much. Seal not only the center seam but the ends as well. That extra tape helps hold the bottom flaps together so that heavier items don't come crashing out of the bottom of the box. Too many times people try to use one strip of tape on the bottom and then wonder why things fall out. Remember, if you're packing, you're responsible for any damage that occurs due to your packing job.

Call to Ask About Handling File Cabinets and Dresser Drawers

Obviously movers will move a filing cabinet and a dresser. But do you need to take files and clothing or linens out of those items? That will vary depending on the mover and the destination. Some movers might tell you to leave files in small filing cabinets if they're just moving you across town. Others might want you to remove the files but leave clothing in dressers. If the moving company wants you to leave anything in the furniture, be sure to let the movers know when they arrive so that they're prepared for the weight.

Give your moving company a call to discuss things inside furniture and other issues. Don't be afraid to ask questions -- the more information you have, the easier it will be to pack.