Tips For Using Self Storage For Christmas Decorations

Posted on: 11 October 2017

Christmas decorations make perfect sense to keep in self storage. You only need them for a limited time of the year, and after that they just take up space. Before you start loading up your storage unit with Christmas decorations, here are four tips that can help you improve how you store everything.

Get a Specialty Storage Bag for Your Christmas Tree

You may think you are doing yourself a favor by holding onto your Christmas tree in the original box that it was packed in. The cardboard boxes are designed for shipping purposes only, and the flimsy box will not provide adequate support for your tree when moving it around each year.

Consider getting your Christmas tree a storage bag, They seal the parts of the tree up so pieces do not get lost, it prevents pests from getting into the tree, and it will make it easy to transport it to and from a storage unit.

Use Electrical Cord Reels for Lights

Does it seem like your Christmas lights are always tangled when they come out of the box each year? Untangling the mess of cords is enough to drive you nuts and reconsider setting up the lights. Instead of tossing the lights into a box at the end of the season, wrap them up using a plastic electrical cord reel.

These reels will prevent the different sets of lights from getting tangled in each other, and makes it really easy to set up the lights around your yard. Just unroll the lights as you walk around your bushes.

Keep the Used Wrapping Paper

Think twice about throwing out all the wrapping paper when it is ripped off the presents. It actually works really well at wrapping up your delicate items before they go into storage. You could use it to wrap glass ornaments or other items that need some extra protection. You can also take the paper and crumple it up to create a filler material in boxes to prevent things from moving.

Create a Box to Open First

Some decorations will be used more often than others. Instead of organizing items by type, create a box to open first that has all of your essential decorative items. You can place this box near the front of your storage unit, knowing it is one box you'll need at a bare minimum due to what is inside it.

For example, this may store the skirt that goes around the Christmas tree, stockings, and other essential items. It will help you decorate your home with the things you love first, and then you can make time for the rest of the items later.

For more self storage tips to safely keep your holiday decorations, contact a facility like Security Self Storage.