Tips For Moving Day Etiquette

Posted on: 20 March 2018

How do you handle the movers and your household on the actual moving day? Although there is no blueprint for moving day etiquette, there are great tips on what you should or shouldn't do on this day. Here are some of these tips.

Have an Adult Available

Merely leaving your gate and doors open is not enough; you need to have someone present in your home on the moving day. This someone should be an adult (preferably a member of your household) who can coordinate things. Here are some of the things your presence may help with:

·         Taking care of paperwork

·         Making clarifications when the movers ask questions

·         Walking through the house to point our special or fragile items

·         Pointing out what shouldn't be moved if there is any

Provide Essentials

It is also courteous to provide the movers with essential supplies that may make their work easier and more efficient. This includes things like drinking water, bathroom access, hand towels, and even drinks and food depending on the scope of the job. Note that it is usually not a good idea to offer alcohol because many movers aren't allowed to take alcohol while on the clock.  

Keep Kids and Pets Out Of The Way

If you have young kids or pets, ensure that they do not get in the way and make the movers' work unnecessarily difficult. It is best to get the pets out of the way, for example, by taking them to a kennel or confining them to a room. As for the kids, you can arrange a babysitter for them so that the movers can work in peace.

Offer Monetary Tips

At the end of the day, it's advisable to tip the movers if you are satisfied with their work. It is up to you to decide on the costs, but it should be proportional to the scope of the work and the number of movers. Ideally, you should tip with cash and not in kind; let them decide what to spend the cash on.

Offer a Good Review If You're Happy

Lastly, it also makes sense to send a good review about the movers to the moving company. It is these kinds of feedback and comments that employers use to rate their employees, and you shouldn't deny the movers a good rating if they have done excellent work for you.

Hopefully, your moving day will progress without any hitches. Talk to your residential moving services for specific things you are supposed to do on the moving day.